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Final Expenses

This incudes probate costs, funeral expenses (actual funeral expenses may be $7,500 - $15,000) and medical costs for any bills your health policy does not cover (deductible plus any co-insurance.)

Emergency Funds

It is recommended that you have up to six months salary for any household or personal emergencies that may arise. Your emergency fund can be larger or smaller, depending on your family's circumstances.

Mortgage Balance

It is a good idea to select a life insurance benefit large enough to pay off the existing mortgage balance.

Other Loans

Total of all outstanding debts (principal), auto loans, personal loans, credit card balances, etc.

Education - Estimated Current College Costs for Your Children

On average, the current cost is $38,261 per year per child for a four year private school, and $17,860 per year per child for a four year in state public school. This incudes tuition, fees and room & board.

Required Monthly Income

To determine how much monthly income you need, take 70% of your annual net (take-home) pay and divide it by 12 months. Example: $100,000 annual income x .70 / 12 = $5,833 of monthly income.

Cash Reserve Factor

This is a time-value analysis to determine future cash needs assuming annual increase in inflation and a return on the lump sum death benefit.